git server simple and secure git server for windows

Deploy ASP.NET websites with ease using Git! Faster than differential transmission, git uses a tree of file hashes to track and send only files that have been modified. Roll back in milliseconds!

Key tool

Source (for any platform with python installed)

File 1 File 2

Manually getting your key (without the tool)

GitHub has great guides to the manual process

Your public key is usually located on your local development machine at C:\Users\YourUserName.ssh\ (windows), /Users/YourUserName/.ssh/ (mac), or /home/YourUserName/.ssh/ (linux).

Note that .ssh is usually a hidden folder, so you may have to enable “hidden folders and files’ in Windows Explorer, or use shift-command-G on mac and enter “~/.ssh/”

If you’ve never worked with Git or ssh before, your key probably doesn’t exist yet.